Top 5 Racing Simulators

In this 21st-century racing games are very popular. Every day one or the other games are being launched. Kids, teenagers and even young adults love to play these games. All the games are designed by high-tech professionals and give the users and the gamers bet experiences. This genre of online games is highly developed in terms of graphical designs, sound designs, and even the game’s diverse plans. Here, in this article, we shall discuss in details about the best racing simulators which are available in the market today. The five best simulators in the market are:

1. Dirt Rally

The Dirt Rally created by the Codemasters is the best racing simulator in the market. The game high tech touch creates the environment very realistically. The Dirt Rally has many arcade touches which continue to stay in these core series. Dirt Rally has developed a very dedicated as well as a meticulous community who regularly find out fixes which can improve the main game. It is tried all the time to improve and elevate the quality of the core game.

2. Forza Horizon 3

The Forza Horizon 3 is yet another absolutely terrific racing game. The main features of this game are that it has a very personal touch. The new Horizon series has abandoned the sore Forza personality characteristics and replaced them with the absurdity of the car festivals. You can race numerous variety of different stunning and attractive motor vehicles. You will also be able to attend various car racing events if you play this game. This game gives you the option to play with different competitors.

3. Shift 2

This is definitely the best game which exposes the perfect blend of the realism and the accessibility of the games. This game has absolutely high-level car racing functions and regulations on this list. Only the experienced players can play this game. Even the beginners have to play this game at a very high level. The Shift 2 offers a very dynamic view which subtly changes the context. This game has overuse of the visual as well as sound effects.

4. Project Cars 2

This game is all about performance. It gives you the opportunity to race with any competitor of any level and the freedom to choose any car. But in this game, the cars have to race in a slightly tilted angle around edgy corners. One may feel like he is driving in real life when he plays this game. Various kinds of graphics work, sound, and visual effects help to make the experience of the gamers satisfying.

5. Track Mania 2

Any regular gamer will tell that this is a game of absolute quality. The Track Mania 2, was the number one selling racing simulators when it was first launched. This game is inspired from the Hot Wheels. Anyone can experience the racing at a very high speed. The completion in the game is very fierce as well as frantic. In racing simulators, the players experience what a car racer or a driver may experience. This is the beauty of these games.

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