Fortnite Season 5: Worlds Collide Starts

The fifth season of the immensely popular Fornite has officially begun. The season has received the name Worlds Collide and will feature a number of additions and changes. For example, a significant part of the map has been reworked into a desert and the game now also features a vehicle for four players.

Another important change is the fact that the storm can now change position while it’s happening. The moving storm will only occur in the later stages of the game, during phase 7 up to 9. The storm will relocate to a random direction instead of shrink to a smaller surface area.

The map has three major changes: the new desert area in the lower right corner, the new area known as Paradise Palms and even a golf course named Lazy Links. These three new areas will replace current structures, Moisty Mire and Anarchy Acres have been retired, for example. The rest of the map also has some other smaller changes and new points of interest.

Epic already added a two-player vehicle with the shopping cart during the previous season, but Worlds Collide features the All Terrain Kart, also known as the ATK. Four players can fit in total and you’ll be able to drift and make maneuvers depending on the number of people inside the car. You’ll also find a jump pad on top of the ATK.

Mysteriously, Epic has also added blue portals on several spots on the map, and their functions or origins are somewhat of a mystery. The developers encourage people to step into one of these ‘rift’ portals on their own and see what happens. A ton of new cosmetic items and emotes have been added and the fifth Battle Pass is also available right now.

Version 5 of the game also adds some new controller functionality for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, as you’re now able to use gyro controls for aiming.

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