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Fortnite Season 5: Worlds Collide Starts

The fifth season of the immensely popular Fornite has officially begun. The season has received the name Worlds Collide and will feature a number of additions and changes. For example, a significant part of the map has been reworked into a desert and the game now also features a vehicle for four players.

Mario Kart VR To Release Outside of Japan Soon

Japanese arcade halls often contain exclusive games and experiences that you won’t find elsewhere, and for a long time, Mario Kart VR – developed in collaboration with Bandai Namco – was one of them. The game, known as Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, has been playable in select Japanse locations for a little over a year now, but hopes were slim that the official VR-adaptation of the Mario Kart formula would make its way to the west.